4 Ways How Orthodontic Services Improve Your Facial Appearance

Orthodontic treatment can improve your smile and overall facial appearance significantly. Today, orthodontists offer an array of solutions to dental problems such as braces, veneers, Invisalign, and crowns among others. These treatments work in many ways to improve dental health and facial aesthetics. Four of them are discussed below.
A Teeth
1. Restoring the Symmetry of the FaceThe human face has a particular degree of symmetry. For some people though, there is a pronounced asymmetry which originates from the mouth or jaw. Orthodontic treatments such as braces and Invisalign can help rectify this problem. The common facial problems include crooked teeth, underbite (chin jutting out), open bite (mouth appears stretched), and overbite (upper lip juts out making the cheeks appear sunken).

Braces correct the jaw misalignment, poor teeth spacing, and directional issues to give you a complete face with a subtle smile. If you do not wish to use the conventional braces, you can opt for the Invisalign technology. It involves the use of clear computer-fabricated plastic aligners to push the teeth to the desired position.

Broken Tooth

2. Replacing Damaged Teeth with Aesthetic Ones

If you have a damaged tooth that always ruins your smile, you might consider orthodontic services. One of the best solutions to damaged teeth is dental implants. They are permanent tooth replacement solutions screwed to your jaw. Dental implants come in different crown colors that match a broad range of teeth shades. Therefore, when they’re installed, they won’t stand out and reduce the aesthetics of your smile.

Dental Office

3. Covering the Chips and Cracks

Do you have a chipped or cracked front tooth? This issue can easily keep you from smiling in public. Orthodontists help solve such problems by fitting veneers on the deformed tooth. Veneer is a shell that covers a tooth perfectly so that it looks natural. If you are shy to smile in public for fear of exposing chips and cracks, veneers might be the best option to cover your flaws.

White Teeth

4. Tooth Whitening

A discolored tooth is enough to undermine the visual appeal of your face. Luckily, there are professional tooth whitening solutions offered by orthodontists. The modern bleaching trays and teeth whitening products will ensure that your teeth remain bright and beautiful. In cases where the typical teeth whitening procedures don’t cut it, you can opt for veneers. Once you pick a veneer in your desired shade of white, the orthodontist will help fix it onto your stained teeth.

Whether your facial appearance has been compromised because of alignment or coloration issues, orthodontic services can help you restore an aesthetic look. You just need to choose the right treatment for your specific problem and a good orthodontist such as Dental Zen can assist yo

What to Expect Through Naturopath Services for Alternative Cancer Treatment

When you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, you understandably want to pursue every possible avenue to obtain the best outcome possible. Many people will research medical treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation suggested by their doctor, to ensure that they are receiving the best treatment possible and to make an informed decision about how to proceed with treatment. In your research, you may have also come across information about naturopath services as an alternative cancer treatment, and you may be wondering what this type of treatment entails. With a closer look, you may find that you can improve your total body health through naturopathy. Because total body health is critical in your fight against cancer, this can be an effective method to pursue.

An Integrated Approach
While some people will use naturopath services as an alternative cancer treatment and avoid using chemotherapy or radiation as recommended by their doctor, it is important to note that you can also use these services through an integrated approach. Naturopathy focuses on improving total body health so that your body has the strength and resources necessary to heal itself. This can be accomplished while also pursing chemotherapy and radiation. When you talk to your doctor about incorporating naturopath services into your overall health and treatment plan, you may find that your healthcare provider is very receptive to the option.

What Naturopathy Entails
Whether you use these services as an alternative cancer treatment or with an integrated approach, it is important to understand what the service entails. First, you will work with a doctor or healthcare professional who is focused on improving all aspects of your health. This starts with your nutrition, and you may be advised about the benefits of improving your diet and incorporating herbal extracts and teas into your regular diet. Herbal supplements homeopathic remedies may also be recommended for you. In addition to these methods, you may also pursue services related to hydrotherapy, acupuncture, chiropractic services and even lifestyle counseling. The goal is to improve all aspects of your health so that you can be as healthy as possible during this critical time.

Fighting cancer will take every bit of energy you have, and you must be as healthy as possible to enjoy the best outcome possible. Some healthcare providers specialize in naturopathic oncology, and they may be able to make specific recommendations and coach you through this process. Regardless of the type of cancer you have or the stage you are in, you may benefit from pursuing naturopathy services. Take time to explore this in greater detail, and start looking for a naturopathy professional in your location. Learn more information at the Dr. Sean Ceaser, ND website.

Implant Dentistry Continues To Improve And Advance

As technology advances, dental implant technology is keeping up with the pace. Everyone knows how important oral care is, but when you lose one or many teeth, dental implants are a fantastic option. Implants are one of the most popular oral procedures requested of a dentist. The newest advances in dental implants include new ways to ensure the implants and crowns fit properly, the method used to place the implants in the jaw, and even the materials used to create the teeth are always being studied and updated. Keep reading to learn more:

Zirconia Is Now Used Dental Implants

Zirconia is being used more often by dentists to create realistic and durable prosthetic teeth. Zirconia started out as a little-known metal alternative to patients with metal allergies, and those simply concerned about having metal in their mouths for a long period of time. It has since been found that zirconia is safer and stronger than titanium, which is a common material used to make dental implants.

Other benefits of using zirconia include:

• Zirconia is a ceramic, so it can easily withstand drastic change in temperatures. Think about eating ice cream and sipping on your favorite tea or coffee.

• It’s resistant to the natural acids in your mouth, so your implants won’t corrode over time.

• Zirconia’s white appearance is aesthetically pleasing to surrounding teeth. It looks much more natural than other implant materials.

• Oral care is a breeze because tartar is less likely to build up on zirconia.

Internet Technology Makes Sharing Files A Snap

The ability to share your file over the internet can be invaluable, especially when you are working with your family dental care dentists and hygienists, cosmetic dentists, and implant specialists. This means all these professionals can share treatment planning information in order to create a plan that is in your best interest. Included in these digital files, technology allows clinicians to share everything from x-rays of your jaw and teeth to images of the final prosthesis.

Manual Tray Impressions Are A Thing Of The Past

Scanning technologies are now being used create extremely accurate images of patient’s mouths. This technology is currently limited to one company, but industry experts expect these digital systems to become open resources in the near future.

You Can Get Your Teeth Right Away

In the past, the process of receiving dental implants was a multi-day experience. Today, a dentist is able to immediately load the dental implants and teeth all on the same day. One of the reasons for this is that implant stability can now be determined right away using advanced technology, and a dentist no longer has to wait until after the implant has healed and fused to the bone.

These are just a few of the newest advancements in implant dentistry. If you have any questions, your family dental care professional would be happy to talk to you.

Vaping- The Best Alternative to Cigarette Smoking

A vaporizer is a gadget powered by a battery that contains an atomizer filled with flavored e-liquid. The atomizer heats the e-liquid, which creates vapor that the user inhales. So, vaping is the process of inhaling vapor using a personal vape. Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist invented vaping in his quest to provide an alternative way to smoking tobacco that killed his father through cancer. Currently, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of people considering vaping in Canada.

The various e-liquid flavors used in a vaporizer including vanilla, raspberry, buttered popcorn, cinnamon, cotton candy, and caramel cheesecake. The composition of the vapor includes products such as glycerin, propylene glycol, the different flavors, and nicotine. The amount released by the vaporizer depends on the contents making the liquid and the electric power used in vaporizing. However, the vapor is not so clean as it may contain some toxic products to the levels permissible for use in inhalation medicines as well as other heavy metal that are not present in the regular cigar.

How a vaporizer produces vapor
The vapor produced by vaporizer does not contain tobacco. Sometimes it is nicotine free if the e-liquids used in the manufacture did not contain tobacco. The vapor is much thicker than the cigarette smoke, but the rate of dissolution in the air is quite high. The vape/vaporizer consists of the cartomizer (combination of atomizer and cartridges), battery, mouthpiece, and a circuit that contains a sensor. When the e-liquid from the cartridge encounters the heat from the atomizer, it produces the vapor inhaled through the mouthpiece. The coil on the atomizer has a temperature higher than the e-liquid one.

The Benefits of Vaping
Vaping has been renowned for its contribution to helping people quit smoking or reduce their intake of tobacco. Besides that, other benefits that come with vaping include:

It’s cheaper– vaping is a cost effective way of enjoying smoking compared to the cigarettes. The person only requires an e-liquid to enjoy the vapor.

It is not carcinogenic– smoking has caused lung cancer and other related illnesses in the past. The nicotine and tar content in tobacco has caused many deaths. Vaping, on the other hand, does not contain tar and some e-liquids are nicotine free.

Bad smell and odors– Bad smell is a turn off to many and cigarette smokers have to deal with the bad smell caused by smoking cigars. Vaping emits odorless vapor, and in the case of any, it quickly dissolves into the air leaving the curtains, hair, and furniture thoroughly clean.

By-products– keeping the smoking ashtrays around can be irritating at times. Vaporizers leave no residue that would clog the pipes or cause a buildup. Additionally, the vaping does not stain the teeth.

You can find a lot of helpful online resources available at DashVapes.

7 Important Roles of Funeral Homes in Canada

A funeral home is a business entity that provides funeral services to the deceased and their families. They help plan funerals and memorials according to their client’s preferences. The funeral home workers have skills on how to handle the body of the deceased loved one as well as providing emotional and practical support to the families. Planning a funeral may be overwhelming to a family since they are confused with the grief and are unfamiliar with the processes involved. Therefore, funeral homes ensure that they provide excellent services during the times of need to reduce the stress on the family.

Hiring a Funeral Director
The deceased family member may consider contacting a funeral home to plan for the meeting with the funeral director. The director provides funeral guidance to help the family and friends cope with the loss of a loved one. They may also give more information on the pre-funeral and post-funeral requirements that the deceased required. Before settling for a particular funeral home, it is important to check on the reputation, the cost of their services and the previous experiences.
Funeral Home Services
Funeral Homes provide a broad range of services ranging from preparing the eulogies and obituaries to helping the family mourn the death of their loved ones through placement into support groups. Some of the services offered in a funeral homes include:

  1. Transfer of the deceased to the funeral home- most people pass on while in hospitals, homes, or nursing homes. The funeral homes carry out all the paperwork required before the transfer happens.
  2. Processing the paperwork- holding a funeral in Canada requires you to have permits and authorizations. The funeral homes acquire all this for their clients in addition to formulating, completing, and filing for the death certificates for the family.
  3. Consultations- the funeral home’s director will acquire detailed information about the deceased through active consultations with the family members. The information provided aid in the preparation of the death certificate and the funeral service programs.
  4. Formulation of the obituaries and eulogies- the funeral home uses the information given during consultations to complete the obituaries. They then send them to the newspapers for publishing.
  5. Performing professional care – the deceased body needs proper care before the funeral. The care services include washing, embalming, cosmetology, hairdressing, and restoration of the deformed parts.
  6. Funeral attendance – the funeral homes in Canada help the family in finding the members of the clergy, musicians, and other groups participating in the funeral.
  7. The arrangement of other details- a funeral home is in charge of the floral arrangements for a funeral. They also plan the details of the cemetery or crematory services including the selection of a headstone.

It may be worthwhile to visit Aftercare Cremation & Burial Service for more information.

3 Benefits of Massage Therapy During Pregnancy

There are various types of physiotherapy out there, including massage therapy. Massage therapy can be a positive thing for many different people and for many different reasons, and it can be particularly beneficial for pregnant women. These are a few of the benefits of massage therapy during pregnancy.

1. Help with Back Pain

A lot of women experience back pain for the first time in their lives when they are pregnant. If you are pregnant and are experiencing lower back pain, it could be because of the extra weight that you are carrying in your lower stomach and abdomen area. Being pregnant and adjusting to the additional weight and the other body changes can also cause you to change your posture, which can cause back pain, too. Luckily, a pregnancy massage can help provide you with some relief from your back pain.

2. Assists with Headaches

Believe it or not, massage can actually help with headaches. In fact, many people who suffer from migraines and other serious headaches look into massage options to get some relief. Since headaches can be common during pregnancy, and since you have to limit the types of medication that you take so that you do not harm your unborn baby, massage can be a good option. It can provide you with some relief without you having to take any medication that might concern you or your doctor during your pregnancy.

3. Provides Stress Relief

During pregnancy, it is not uncommon to feel a lot of mixed emotions due to pregnancy hormones and all of the big, upcoming changes that will be going on in your life. For example, you might find yourself feeling really stressed out. The great thing about prenatal massage is the fact that it can provide you with a lot of stress relief. It’s a great way to get up off of your feet and to feel pampered for a little while, which is always a good thing but can be particularly relaxing when you are pregnant. You might just find that you leave feeling stress-free and totally comfortable and content after your prenatal massage. It might even become your new favorite “treat” while you are pregnant, even when compared to all of the different foods that you might have been craving.

A lot of people never think about it, but having regular massages while you are pregnant can be a positive thing for a lot of reasons. When choosing a massage therapist, just make sure that you choose someone who has experience in helping pregnant women, and if you aren’t showing yet, make sure that your massage therapist knows that you are expecting for safety reasons.

Contact an Agency to Hire a Caregiver for a Senior Citizen


In the past, it was easy to hire a registered nurse to care for an elderly individual in their own home, but today, there are fewer qualified nurses available. Instead of hiring a licensed health care worker, more senior citizens must rely on assisted nursing assistants or home health care aides. When a senior citizen has emergency surgery or an illness, they may need to hire a caregiver right away. It can take several weeks to advertise in local newspapers to hire a caregiver, and then a senior citizen must interview the person before completing a background-screening check. To make it easier to hire an elderly caregiver that someone can trust, it is a good idea to contact a home health care agency.

Senior Caregivers Are Often Trained by Registered Nurses

A registered nurse may work for a home health care agency in order to hire, screen and train home health care assistants. The employees who are providing senior care should have a basic understanding of human anatomy, and they are trained to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation along with first aid procedures. In addition, they must learn how to lift patients from bathtubs or toilets. Some senior citizens will require help with meal preparation or eating their meals. Each elderly individual will have different needs, and some home health care assistants must transport a client to their medical appointments.

Senior Citizens Can Have Multiple Caregivers

An agency that trains caregivers will send a registered nurse to the senior’s home to make sure that services are provided correctly. Assistants who work in a senior citizen’s home are not permitted to administer medications, but they can remind a client to take their medications at the correct time. An elderly individual might only need to have a caregiver for a few hours each day or they may require 24-hour assistance. If a senior citizen requires full-time care, then a home health care aide may live in the home, or the agency will provide multiple caregivers at different times of the day and night.

A Registered Nurse Will Perform an Assessment

When a senior citizen contacts an agency about hiring a caregiver, a registered nurse will perform an assessment. In addition to visiting the senior citizen’s home, the agency’s representatives will communicate with physicians to understand what type of care a client requires. As a senior citizen’s health improves or declines, the type of care provided can change. The workers who are providing senior care must have a lot of patience and compassion because a senior citizen may have multiple health problems that can affect their mobility and memory.

Tips for Leaving Your Child With a New Childcare Provider

All mommies and daddies face that dreaded day when they have to leave their child with a daycare provider or a child care center. The event can be one of the most emotional moments one has ever seen. You can make the transition easier for your child, however, by following a few simple tips. Using these strategies will prevent a big mess from occurring when you have to separate yourself from your child and go away for eight hours of the day.

Talk to the Child About the Separation

One way that you can help your child to handle the new daycare situation is by talking to her. You have to find a way to let your child know that you need to separate just so you can take care of her the way you want to. Tell your child that you love her but that you have to go away for a little while. Also, you may want to promise your child that you will bring a special treat or gift back for her if she is strong. You can’t have this conversion if you child is still an infant, but you can try some of the alternative methods below.

Visit With the Care Provider Several Times

You have to make sure that your child is happy with the provider before you leave her for the day. If you do not take the time to make sure that everything is okay, you could end up with a screaming baby. You may have to come back and pick her up in the middle of your first day at work. Give your child a chance to meet the provider to avoid something like that from happening. You should take her to the child care center at least three times and see how she interacts with the people there. She will be okay once she becomes comfortable with the provider. However, don’t leave her there if she displays distress or discomfort. Your goal should be to provide your child with a daycare provider that makes her almost as happy as she is when she is with you.

Give Your Baby Affection Before You Leave

Even if your baby seems to be content with the provider, you still have to give her special affection before you leave so that she knows you are coming back. Spend a few minutes cuddling with her and kissing her on the cheeks and forehead. Tell her you love her before you go.

You can ensure that your child transitions nicely into a care situation by following the previously mentioned tips. The tips will help you to build trust between between you, your baby and the daycare provider. There are additional resources at Wee Watch Licensed Home Child Care, which may help you learn more information.

About Medicinal Marijuana

If you are suffering from an ailment, you may be wondering if you can qualify for medical cannabis. Medical marijuana is a substance for which some Canadian residents can qualify. There is a process that they must go through. The following is some information on the subject.

Who Qualifies for Medicinal Marijuana?

A Canadian resident is allowed to have marijuana if it is approved by a physician who has written a prescription for a certain strain. The patient will not be able to go to a storefront to get the prescription filled. The person will have to receive it by courier for various reasons. A number of conditions can cause someone to be eligible to take medicinal cannabis. Some of the most common conditions are conditions such as back pain, cancer, nausea, fibromyalgia, migraine, IBS and other conditions. Some practitioners will even prescribe marijuana to a person who does not have an appetite. The physician chooses the strain that would best help the patient. The patient with the migraine may not use the same strain as someone who has a low appetite, for example.

The Process of Getting Medicinal Marijuana

A person who is using medicinal marijuana does not have to have a card as in other countries. However, the individual does have to have a prescription from a certified doctor. Once the patient has a prescription, that person can get the medication from an LPC. Each LPC carries a different strain of marijuana, so it will no be easy for a person to get the same strain from different sources. Doctors are not limited to the amount of marijuana that they can prescribe a person. However, the people are limited in how much marijuana they can carry with them at any given time. They cannot carry more than a certain amount of them or they risk getting into trouble.

About Taking Medicinal Marijuana

A patient can take medical cannabis in a number of ways. One of the most common ways to take it is to smoke it inside of a vaporizer. Another way that a person could take it is by smoking it inside of special rolling papers. Marijuana can also be prepared as a tea or a food item. It is up to the patient how he or she would like to take the medication.

You can ask a doctor or a marijuana prescription if you are suffering from any of the above-mentioned illnesses. It may be the best option for treatment for you. What you will want to do is schedule an appointment and talk to someone as quickly as possible. Your doctor will make it happen if it is at all possible to do that for your unique situation.

3 Aftercare Tips After Getting Dental Implants

If you have just gotten dental implants, you probably want to do what you can to take care of them. Luckily, once you have fully healed and recovered from having your dental implants put in, taking care of them is similar to taking care of your natural teeth. However, it is important to take good care of them after you first have the procedure done for best results. Luckily, following these three helpful aftercare tips should make it easy for you to take care of your new dental implants.

1. Eat Soft Foods

Until your dental implants have enough time to fully set in place, it’s smart to stick to a soft food diet so that you do not put too much pressure on them. This will help prevent discomfort and damage while your gums are healing.

2. Avoid Brushing

Obviously, brushing your teeth is a very important part of taking care of them. If you want your dental implants to look their best, you will want to brush them as well. However, you won’t want to do this for the first few days after they have been put in. Instead, you’ll want to wait until they have time to set into place and until your gum begins healing as it is supposed to. Once you are able to brush your implants without any tenderness, it should be fine to do so; just make sure that you do so with a gentle toothbrush and that you do it lightly until your mouth has fully healed.

3. Use an Ice Pack

There is a good chance that you will experience swelling during the healing process. During this time, you can use an ice pack as a means of helping the swelling go down. This can also help provide a bit of relief if you are experiencing discomfort, too. You can make up an ice pack by putting ice in a zip-top plastic bag, or you can use a bag of frozen vegetables. Hold the ice pack on the outside, against the swollen area, for about 10 minutes at a time. Then, remove the ice pack for at least a 20 minute “break.”

Taking good care of yourself after having implants put in is essential if you want your implants to heal properly and if you want to help prevent excessive discomfort. If you have any additional questions, it’s smart to talk to your prosthodontist about the proper healing process. Also, if you notice any unexpected problems or if your dental implants do not seem to be healing as quickly as they are supposed to, schedule an appointment with your dental care professional for best results. There are resources available at Prosthodontic Associates if you want more information.

Dental Deep Cleaning

A routine visit to the dentist usually involves a dental cleaning, which is a simple procedure when your oral health is good. A professional cleaning cleans each tooth individually, as well as cleaning your gums and usually delivering fluoride to your teeth to keep the enamel strong and prevent cavities. If you are told that you need a deep cleaning, that means there’s a problem with plaque and tartar. A deep cleaning is more involved, and has to get below the gumline to remove plaque and tartar and reverse gum disease. To understand what a deep cleaning is, let’s first look at gum disease and what happens when it moves below the gumline.


Gum disease in its earliest form is called gingivitis. It happens when bacteria grows and causes inflammation of the gum tissue. Sticky plaque and hard tartar form, and without treatment, the disease will work its way to the roots of your teeth. Gingivitis can be reversed with a simple dental cleaning.


When gingivitis spreads and plaque and tartar are present below the gums, the diagnosis is periodontitis. At this stage, a deep cleaning is necessary. If periodontitis is not treated, the teeth can become loose and in time, tooth loss will occur.

Deep Cleaning

A deep cleaning performed at a dental clinic is a two-stage process, also called scaling and root planing. The first stage scrapes off plaque and tartar from the teeth and the area below the gums. A special tool is used to gently lift the gums and clean behind them and near the root. After this is accomplished, root planing is a literal smoothing of the root area, which helps healing and inhibits bacteria by providing a smooth surface that is difficult for bacteria to cling to.

After a Deep Cleaning

A deep cleaning can reverse periodontitis, but in more serious cases of advanced gum disease, gum surgery may be necessary. You should follow the instructions of the dentist after deep cleaning. Recovery time is usually quite quick.

Preventing Gum Disease

Regular brushing and flossing is essential to good oral health, and it is just as important to visit the dentist for routine checkups. When you come into a dental clinic for a checkup, any early signs of gum disease can be detected when a simple cleaning can reverse the disease. Remember that sometimes you can get gingivitis even if you take good care of your teeth, because it can be a side effect of illness or medications or even be genetic. No one is immune to gum disease, so keep regular dental appointments to catch the problem when it is easier to treat. If you would like more information, Your Smile Dental Care has additional resources available.

What’s Your Flavor? Quck E-Cigarette Flavor Guide

The type of e-liquid that you choose for your e cigarette will depend on your personality and your intended purpose for smoking e-cigarettes. You have hundreds of combinations from which you can choose your favorit flavors, and you can narrow your choices down to three categories.

No-Nonsense Flavors

The no-nonsense e cigarette flavors are the ones that taste just like tobacco cigarettes, but without all the harmful ingredients. No-nonsense flavors will suit you well if you just want to mimic tobacco smoking and are not interested in fooling around with other concepts. The two most common no-nonsense flavors are Regular and Menthol. Some providers may offer some variations of such flavors like a “light” version.

Fruity Juice

Fruit flavors are abundant if you love your fruits. They can give you the kick you need when you first wake up in the morning. They can also tickle your senses and put you in a playful mood if you pick the right options. Examples of fruit flavors are flavors such as Bad Apple, What a Melon, Mango Tango, Strawberry, Peach Pit, and Lime and Coconut. Those are just a few examples from one provider, but you can sift through hundreds of choices.

Food and Beverage

E cigarette liquids have come a long way over the years. Now you can get e-liquid that tastes like your favorite sandwich, if you’re into that sort of thing. Blastos and Bedrock are two examples of flavors that you can get in e-liquid. Blastos is a flavor that tastes like Froot Loops cereal, and Bedrock is a Fruity Pebbles flavored e-liquid. You can also indulge in a Snapple flavored e-liquid or a burger flavored e-liquid. Yes, really. You can smoke a vaporized burger. Providers sell everything from pizza-flavored e-liquid to roast beef options. You will enjoy experimenting with the various flavors if you are a huge fan of food. Of course, your e-cigarette may cause you to have to take a late night trip to the local fast-food restaurant. E-cigs don’t quench thirst or eliminate hunger just yet.

Desserts and Candies

Your e-cigarette vendors sell liquids that smell and taste like your favorite desserts. You can dig into some Apple Pie A La Mode, Carmel Vanilla, Mint Chocolate Chip and so much more. Vaping can be such a fun experience for you if you like trying new things. You don’t have to stick to the same old tobacco-like feel if you don’t want to. A whole world of flavors awaits you.

The list of flavor types is not an exhaustive list. You can probably find yourself some odd flavors that don’t even have a classification. The key is to choose what you truly enjoy and have loads of fun with it. For more information, visit the DashVapes website.