Contact an Agency to Hire a Caregiver for a Senior Citizen


In the past, it was easy to hire a registered nurse to care for an elderly individual in their own home, but today, there are fewer qualified nurses available. Instead of hiring a licensed health care worker, more senior citizens must rely on assisted nursing assistants or home health care aides. When a senior citizen has emergency surgery or an illness, they may need to hire a caregiver right away. It can take several weeks to advertise in local newspapers to hire a caregiver, and then a senior citizen must interview the person before completing a background-screening check. To make it easier to hire an elderly caregiver that someone can trust, it is a good idea to contact a home health care agency.

Senior Caregivers Are Often Trained by Registered Nurses

A registered nurse may work for a home health care agency in order to hire, screen and train home health care assistants. The employees who are providing senior care should have a basic understanding of human anatomy, and they are trained to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation along with first aid procedures. In addition, they must learn how to lift patients from bathtubs or toilets. Some senior citizens will require help with meal preparation or eating their meals. Each elderly individual will have different needs, and some home health care assistants must transport a client to their medical appointments.

Senior Citizens Can Have Multiple Caregivers

An agency that trains caregivers will send a registered nurse to the senior’s home to make sure that services are provided correctly. Assistants who work in a senior citizen’s home are not permitted to administer medications, but they can remind a client to take their medications at the correct time. An elderly individual might only need to have a caregiver for a few hours each day or they may require 24-hour assistance. If a senior citizen requires full-time care, then a home health care aide may live in the home, or the agency will provide multiple caregivers at different times of the day and night.

A Registered Nurse Will Perform an Assessment

When a senior citizen contacts an agency about hiring a caregiver, a registered nurse will perform an assessment. In addition to visiting the senior citizen’s home, the agency’s representatives will communicate with physicians to understand what type of care a client requires. As a senior citizen’s health improves or declines, the type of care provided can change. The workers who are providing senior care must have a lot of patience and compassion because a senior citizen may have multiple health problems that can affect their mobility and memory.