All mommies and daddies face that dreaded day when they have to leave their child with a daycare provider or a child care center. The event can be one of the most emotional moments one has ever seen. You can make the transition easier for your child, however, by following a few simple tips. Using these strategies will prevent a big mess from occurring when you have to separate yourself from your child and go away for eight hours of the day.

Talk to the Child About the Separation

One way that you can help your child to handle the new daycare situation is by talking to her. You have to find a way to let your child know that you need to separate just so you can take care of her the way you want to. Tell your child that you love her but that you have to go away for a little while. Also, you may want to promise your child that you will bring a special treat or gift back for her if she is strong. You can’t have this conversion if you child is still an infant, but you can try some of the alternative methods below.

Visit With the Care Provider Several Times

You have to make sure that your child is happy with the provider before you leave her for the day. If you do not take the time to make sure that everything is okay, you could end up with a screaming baby. You may have to come back and pick her up in the middle of your first day at work. Give your child a chance to meet the provider to avoid something like that from happening. You should take her to the child care center at least three times and see how she interacts with the people there. She will be okay once she becomes comfortable with the provider. However, don’t leave her there if she displays distress or discomfort. Your goal should be to provide your child with a daycare provider that makes her almost as happy as she is when she is with you.

Give Your Baby Affection Before You Leave

Even if your baby seems to be content with the provider, you still have to give her special affection before you leave so that she knows you are coming back. Spend a few minutes cuddling with her and kissing her on the cheeks and forehead. Tell her you love her before you go.

You can ensure that your child transitions nicely into a care situation by following the previously mentioned tips. The tips will help you to build trust between between you, your baby and the daycare provider. There are additional resources at Wee Watch Licensed Home Child Care, which may help you learn more information.

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