The type of e-liquid that you choose for your e cigarette will depend on your personality and your intended purpose for smoking e-cigarettes. You have hundreds of combinations from which you can choose your favorit flavors, and you can narrow your choices down to three categories.

No-Nonsense Flavors

The no-nonsense e cigarette flavors are the ones that taste just like tobacco cigarettes, but without all the harmful ingredients. No-nonsense flavors will suit you well if you just want to mimic tobacco smoking and are not interested in fooling around with other concepts. The two most common no-nonsense flavors are Regular and Menthol. Some providers may offer some variations of such flavors like a “light” version.

Fruity Juice

Fruit flavors are abundant if you love your fruits. They can give you the kick you need when you first wake up in the morning. They can also tickle your senses and put you in a playful mood if you pick the right options. Examples of fruit flavors are flavors such as Bad Apple, What a Melon, Mango Tango, Strawberry, Peach Pit, and Lime and Coconut. Those are just a few examples from one provider, but you can sift through hundreds of choices.

Food and Beverage

E cigarette liquids have come a long way over the years. Now you can get e-liquid that tastes like your favorite sandwich, if you’re into that sort of thing. Blastos and Bedrock are two examples of flavors that you can get in e-liquid. Blastos is a flavor that tastes like Froot Loops cereal, and Bedrock is a Fruity Pebbles flavored e-liquid. You can also indulge in a Snapple flavored e-liquid or a burger flavored e-liquid. Yes, really. You can smoke a vaporized burger. Providers sell everything from pizza-flavored e-liquid to roast beef options. You will enjoy experimenting with the various flavors if you are a huge fan of food. Of course, your e-cigarette may cause you to have to take a late night trip to the local fast-food restaurant. E-cigs don’t quench thirst or eliminate hunger just yet.

Desserts and Candies

Your e-cigarette vendors sell liquids that smell and taste like your favorite desserts. You can dig into some Apple Pie A La Mode, Carmel Vanilla, Mint Chocolate Chip and so much more. Vaping can be such a fun experience for you if you like trying new things. You don’t have to stick to the same old tobacco-like feel if you don’t want to. A whole world of flavors awaits you.

The list of flavor types is not an exhaustive list. You can probably find yourself some odd flavors that don’t even have a classification. The key is to choose what you truly enjoy and have loads of fun with it. For more information, visit the DashVapes website.

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